• print on demand Trousers
  • print on demand Trousers
  • print on demand Trousers
  • print on demand Trousers
  • print on demand Trousers

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(All Printing) LP Flared Pants

Price USD 5.10
SRP Profit calculator
USD 10.20 (Profit: USD 5.10)
Shipping Cost USD 6.77
Ships To
8-15 Days
All Over Print (AOP)
Production Time
2-5 business days
All color
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【 Material Description 】

95% polyester+5% spandex

【 Product performance 】

PREFERRED MATERIAL: Our flared pants are made of polyester spandex material, which is soft, stretchy and comfortable. At the same time make your legs look slimmer and slimmer. ELASTIC DESIGN: The flared pants come with a comfortable elastic waistband, the fabric is stretchy and fits most women and will make you stand out more. High waist design: high waist and short crotch, tightly wrapping the buttocks, the trouser legs are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and gradually open from below the knees. The size of the trousers is significantly larger than the size of the knees, forming a flared shape. STYLISH VERSATILE: Pair with your favorite crop top with crop top bodysuit for casual wear, housework, yoga and sports beach and more.

【Applicable Scenarios】

Perfect for casual day wear, hanging out at home, hanging out with your best friends, shopping, or casual morning yoga.

【 Washing instructions 】

Washable, do not soak for a long time, do not bleach, wash solution temperature should not exceed 45ºC.

【 Special Note 】

Note: This product is in Euro code. If you have any questions, please contact customer service for consultation. This size data is measured under the tile. Due to different measurement methods, the error within 1-2cm is a normal phenomenon. Do not use the same color as the background color of the clothes for the design pictures. It will cause the inability of ink to be released during production, and will not be included in the scope of after-sales processing.

【 Tips 】

The picture display effect is for reference only, the final effect shall prevail in kind! Due to objective factors such as production batches, machinery and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or there will be errors such as slight color difference, position and size. If the above problems are normal, they will not be included in the scope of after-sales processing.